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Why Did you Get A Family Dog?

Can you remember what you were envisioning your life to be like with this new family member? Whether you were daydreaming about spending time together in nature, going for walks, participating in a dog sport, or simply relaxing together, there is probably a deeper reason you wanted a furry companion. For me, I was seeking a buddy who I could share a connection with, someone to share all of life’s awesome things with, build trust with, learn from, and of course, snuggle and make googly eyes at!

But, sometimes, this fun loving creature with the adorable face is not exactly what we were expecting once they are in our homes. You may find yourself with a fearful dog who is hiding under the bed for 2 weeks, an anxious dog who pees on your expensive rug whenever the doorbell rings, a dog barking at seemingly everything, or a lunging ball of fire on a leash when another dog appears.

You may begin searching the internet for things like, calm dog, or dog anxiety.

You may even think your dog has a behavior problem. It may seem that the most obvious and responsible thing to do next is to seek some dog obedience training, aggressive dog training, or other dog training services.

However, behavior is your dogs’ way of communicating his needs, so asking WHY your dog is acting in these ways, is a far better next step, than using training to manipulate the behavior.

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