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Working Together - Both Ends of the Lead

I'm here to support both YOU and your dog in living a harmonious, joyful life.
I want to empower you with the knowledge to help your dog thrive in your family, while giving your dog the skills to navigate the human world.

I use only kind methods grounded in a deep respect for both humans and dogs.
Behaviors are simply a symptom of the underlying needs of our dogs.
I address behaviors by working with you to discover ways to improve your individual dog's physical, emotional, and mental well being. Unwanted behaviors tend to melt away when approached in this manner.

My Philosophy

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Every day, science is discovering deeper layers of what dogs are capable of, and how they continue to adapt to living alongside us humans.

Dogs, just like us, are wired for social connection. 

Their relationships with us are so much more significant than we have ever realized. 

There is much more to discover and enjoy through our connections with our dogs.

Dogs live in the moment and are immersed in nature. They are so closely bonded with us, so perceptive and saavy, that they are in a unique position to guide us and remind us of all that truly matters, if we allow them.

Dogs communicate using body language and behavior.


This is the way they tell us whether they are afraid, happy, sad, frustrated, in pain, etc. 

Some behaviors are hard-wired, innate responses to what is happening at the moment. (think Terrier digging to get that mole, German Shepherd being leary of strangers, Border Collie herding the kids)

Your dog's behavior is NOT naughty, and he is not being vengeful, jealous, stubborn, willful, or trying to control you.

Once we understand what to look for, we can discover what our dogs are trying to tell us, and unwanted behaviors often disappear.

It's Probably Not a Behavior Issue


Intentional Dog Training


It's all about relationship, trust, cooperation, and partnership.

Our dogs are incredibly perceptive and intelligent, and can easily learn how to live with us without needing us to control them.

If we teach them a few cues to keep them safe, we can learn to use our own body language, role modeling, and social learning, to move through life with them with ease.

Becoming a curious observer of our dogs' behaviors allows us to see them through new eyes, and be in the unique position to be their hero rather than their master.

Our Story

Our first dog, Gracie was that perfect dog everyone imagines bringing into their familly. She was truly special, and, I love her still.


Our 2nd dog, Merle, challenged me to dig deep, look within, and take the road less traveled. He needed a lot of space from other people and other dogs, and most everything that moved.

He was an extraordinary dog, and I love him deeply. He gave me more than I would have ever accepted in any other way, and he's the reason I'm here, sharing this work with you today.


Our journey included many attempts to “fix” him, whether out of fear of him biting someone and being taken from me, or fear that I would be stuck at home forever. But, mostly, it was because of my desire for him to have the full and enriched life that he deserved, rather than being locked away.

I knew early on that this dog was in my life to help me find my voice. Being a shy person, I was very good at living on my terms, but kept quiet about it and speaking up did not come easily.

But Merle, he was loud. There was no being invisible with him by my side. How was I going to give him a great life, in spite of my own fears? How was I going to provide medical care, a dog sitter, etc., for this dog who clearly wanted everyone to keep their distance? 

I felt pressure from family, friends, and trainers to fix the situation, and I was forced to find my voice in order to step up and advocate for him.

After 5 years of seeking help, and finding all the wrong trainers who used corrective tools with him, and shamed me for "being a bad leader", I heard about Tellington TTouch, and I signed up for a workshop.

The Tellington Method's hallmark guiding principle of respect for animals, resonated deeply for me. It validated all of my feelings about how things should be when your beloved animal is struggling. 

That 2013 workshop was our turning point, and the beginning of my professional learning. It led me to many more teachers, courses, and experiences that have taught me about supporting myself and my dog. Most importantly, it helped me put the light back into my dog’s eyes after years of trauma, and from not trusting myself to listen to him.  

As a result, my work is focused on helping people and dogs understand each other, and develop the necessary skills and confidence to make progress and enjoy life together.

My Qualifications


Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals
Certified Family Dog Mediator, through L.E.G.S Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Professional Course.
Certified Applied Zoopharmacognosy Practitioner
Additional coursework and extensive study in Canine Principles Canine Behavior Professional Diploma Course (current), ACE freework and ACE for Reactivity, Kathy Kawalec Foundation Formula, Reactive Intensive, Brilliant Partners Academy Live and Online, WEBB4pets, leash walking and BAT 2.0 with Grisha Stewart, Heart Connection Dogs Puppy Course, as well as studies in Nutrition, Canine Flow, Absolute Dogs Training games, and many other holistic well being modalities.

I proudly display my commitment to force free dog training by displaying the logo from The Initiative for Force Free Dog Training on this page.

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