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Lifestyle Training and Support  for You and Your Dog

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Feeling overwhelmed?

  Does your dog do any of these?

  • Jumping up

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Barking excessively

  • Problems staying home alone

  • Chasing small animals

  • Stopping on walks

  • Lunging at other dogs

  • Cant have visitors over

Have you tried training classes, but felt like you needed more, or they were too much for your dog?

Have you sought help online, and from family, friends and dog professionals, but find yourself even more confused and overwhelmed by the vast array of opinions about how to overcome your dog's frustrating behaviors?

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I hear you. I see you.
I was you.

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I can help you restore harmony in your relationship with your family dog

  • We love our dogs, and want to do our best for our furry family members

  • Our lives are busier than ever, and many dogs are struggling to cope in the human world.

  • Their behavior is mis-labeled as naughty, and we are led to believe that we need to do more training in order to "fix" them.

  • ​Your dog is NOT being naughty, vengeful, jealous, stubborn, willful, or trying to control you.

  • These natural behaviors either need an appropriate outlet, or they are your dog's only way of communicating their need for support or discomfort about something.

  • Rest assured, most of these needs can be easily met within your current schedule and lifestyle with a little tailoring to your individual dog and life. 

  • ​Our dogs need our guidance, empathy, and understanding, not more training.

  • ​YOU also need to be heard and understood.

  • ​Your dog is pulling for you and wants you to live your best life. They have a way of reminding us of the most important things in life.

  • I am here to help you and your dog understand and connect with each other, so that you can both get your needs met, and move on with enjoying life together.


Hi, I'm Kelley

Thanks for being here.

My mission is to improve the lives of dogs and their people. 

I'm a Holistic Dog Trainer, Tellington TTouch Practitioner, and Family Dog Mediator, offering private dog behavior consultations, holistic dog services, Applied Zoopharmacognosy, and workshops for small groups of people and dogs.

I am so excited to help people and dogs create the life they want.

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Upcoming Class Schedule

Aug 24, 2023
The Nose Knows-Plant Self Selection
Aug 11, 2023
Find It! Games for Teaching Sniffing
Aug 3, 2011
Stress Less Grooming
Flexible Dates
Private Puppy Class
Flexible Dates
Integrating a New Dog Into Home

Client Experiences

Natalie Foreman and Milo_edited_edited.jpg

Natalie & Milo

Kelley’s enthusiasm convinced to me to try out her simple, effective recommendations with Milo and her input has helped to improve our relationship even before my new job has started. Kelley also provided training on how to make leash-walking more enjoyable for both dog and owner, and how to handle encounters with other dogs in a manner that is supportive to Milo, so that he is less inclined to be reactionary.

Before meeting Kelley, I couldn’t fathom leaving Milo at home during a work day but her expert recommendations and ongoing support have enabled me to do so with much less anxiety because I know Milo’s quality of life won’t be compromised.

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