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Tellington TTouch Session


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1 hour

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The Tellington Method is well known for calming animals and building trust. In addition, it improves behavior, deepens learning, improves physical and emotional balance, and supports well being. It utilizes gentle bodywork, bodywraps, and movement exercises that create a dialog with the animal, giving them agency to improve their own lives. The hallmark of Tellington is respect for animals, and their individuality.

A Tellington session with me entails either me travelling to your home to work with your dog myself, or to guide you in working with your animal yourself.

If distance is an issue, or you prefer to meet online, we can work together on Zoom. If this is the case, we can simply spend the time doing bodywork, or you will need a wrap for the bodywraps, and a few everyday household items for the movement exercises.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about how this wonderful method can help you and your dog.

Contact me to schedule or inquire:

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