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Stress Less Grooming


May 30, 2024 6-7:30 pm


1.5 hours

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Stress Less Grooming May 30, 6-7:30 pm

  • Grooming your dog does not have to be stressful.

  • Increase trust between you and your dog.

  • Use grooming as a time of quiet and bonding.

  • Using Tellington TTouch to help your dog with grooming.

  • Please bring a rug designated for grooming, as well as the tools you typically use. A quiet electric trimmer for nails is my preferred tool for trims.

  • Educational, interactive and fun workshops for you and your dog. Small groups, spaces limited!

  • Location: Whispering Waters Center for Animals and People, 1355 N. Pine Run Rd., Boone, NC

  • 45.00 per person with dog (additional adults from same household 15.00 each).

35.00 per person without dog.

1 child (under 18 y.o.) per adult $10.00.

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