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Anxious/Excited Dog Training Class-Suitable for Reactive Dogs


Month to Month


4 weeks

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Anxious/Excited Dog Training Class

In Person or Online

Put Your Dog to Work, and Reduce Fears, Overarousal, and More

If you could fast track building your dog's progress, would it make life easier for you?

Would you like to experience a community of dog parents with challenging dogs?

What to Expect with the Anxious/Excited Dog Training Class

Dogs process the world with their noses the way we do with our eyes.

They also thrive when they can predict what will happen next.

You'll be amazed how well dogs can process their stressors, and build positive experiences when shown how to do simple searches for scents, items, or people.

This is a fun and informal scentwork class, designed to help dogs overcome overexcited, anxious, or reactive behaviors in a safe, semi-controlled environment.

We also incorporate pattern games, self regulation exercises, and more, to give your dog predictability so they know how to respond.

There are no formal nosework rules in this class, and it is appropriate for over-excited, anxious, fearful, and reactive dogs.

The activities are catered to each individual dog for maximum progress.

There are no more than 4 dogs per class.

Contact me to schedule or inquire:

How Anxious/Reactive Dog Training Class Works

IN PERSON: (Boone, NC May-October, and NC Crystal Coast Nov-April)

We meet weekly for 1 hour at various locations outside for 4 weeks.

The benefit to meeting in person is that you will build your and your dog's social community one person and one dog at a time. You will also be able to join the Free Facebook Group for meeting up and practicing, socializing, or supporting each other.

Cost $150.00


We meet weekly for 1 hour on Zoom to determine the best searching activities for your dog, how to teach them, and how to set your dog up for success for searching out in the world. We will have a private facebook group for the duration of the class, where you can support one another, ask questions, and post videos for feedback.

Cost: $150.00

Areas Covered for In Person Services

We have 2 locations in North Carolina, one in Boone, NC and another near Morehead City/Atlantic Beach, NC.

May 5 - Oct 25

We are located on Pine Run Road, near 421, and service the NC High Country:

Boone, NC, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, Deep Gap, Fleetwood, Linville, Valle Crucis, Vilas, West Jefferson, Jefferson, N. Wilkesboro, Bethel, Sugar Grove, Todd, Zionville, Watauga county, some parts of Avery and Ashe counties.

Nov 5 - April 25

We are located in Pine Knoll Shores, and service The NC Crystal Coast: 

Morehead city, NC, Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Emerald Isle, Newport, Beaufort, Cedar Point, Swansboro, Hubert.

Contact me to schedule or inquire:

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