Classes and Programs

I offer various in person and online classes and programs, such as leash walking classes, puppy programs, etc.

Most can be tailored to your needs, and can utilize a combination of in person and online sessions.

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*If you have adopted a RESCUE dog, and need help, but have financial concerns, please scroll to bottom of this page for information about Scholarships.

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Private Puppy Program - $525.00

Full puppy program up to 6 months.

Includes 6 sessions, any combination of in-person and Zoom, along with online study materials and resources.

Includes 15 foot lifetime quality leash.

  • Preparing for puppy- safety & essentials

  • Sleeping, Eating, and Housetraining

  • Bonding and Building Trust

  • Play and Socialization

  • Learning to Spend Time Alone

  • An Ounce of Prevention

  • Teaching basic cues for safety

  • Preparing for leash walking

  • Games for learning

  • Teaching calm as a lifestyle

  • TTouch for confidence and wellbeing.

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Let's Walk Together  (Foundations)
6 week, in person group class. 

Foundation Leash Walking Skills for People and Dogs

  • Enjoy Walks with Your Dog

  • Use the Leash to Increase Trust

  • Stop the Cycle of Pulling or Set Your New Dog Up for Success

  • Walk Easily Using Short or Long Leashes

  • Learn the Best Walking Equipment for You and Your Individual Dog 

  • Teach Signals for Slowing Down, Turning and Stopping

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Let's Walk Together  (Taking it On The Road)

Prerequisite: Let's Walk Together Foundations

5 week, in person group class. 


Out and About Enriched Leash Walking and Beyond

  • Meeting other Dogs and People

  • Pattern Games

  • Communicating with Your Dog

  • Fun Games and Activities to Enrich Your Walks

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Integrating New Dog to Family

Package of 3 private sessions.


Set You and Your New Family Member up for Success

  • Preparing for your new addition

  • What to Expect

  • Creating a Feeling of Safety and Building Trust

  • Individualized Exercise, Enrichment, and Training Recommendations for Your Individual Dog

Rescue Puppy

Have you adopted a rescue dog?

Scholarships avialable in certain situations