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Zoopharmacognosy Consultations


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1-2 hours

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Zoopharmacognosy Consultations

Zoopharmacognosy is the process of offering specific botanicals, such as dried herbs, essential oils, floral waters, etc, to animals for self selection.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is a unique and wonderful way to bond with your dog, give them choices, and support them physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Once you have had a session or two with me, you will be able to incorporate some of the items and concepts into your life on your own, for ongoing benefit for your dog.

A few benefits:

  • It's alot of fun!!

  • Humans get a glimpse into the inner life of their dogs, which helps us see beyond their behaviors.

  • Dogs experience choice in a world that has taken much of that away.

  • The human-dog bond is enhanced because the dog can feel "heard" at a whole new level.

  • Dogs are empowered by having the opportunity to support his or her own emotional or physical well-being.

  • We can observe clues about our dogs' physical, mental, and emotional health.

Please feel free to reach out for a FREE 20 min get acquainted call if you would like information about this unique activity.

In-person sessions last from 1.5- 2 hours and are $150.00. They usually take place in your home because the dog already feels comfortable and familiar in your environment. All substances are included, and you will receive samples of your dog's favorites so you can offer them over the next week or so. If you are out of my service area, and prefer to meet in person, please reach out about additional travel costs.

Virtual sessions are $100.00. Substances are not included. I will send you a questionnaire that will allow me to choose a range to offer. I will send samples of the items to you at an additional charge. Some substances may be available for you locally.

It is helpful for many dogs to have a follow up session a few weeks later, after you have continued to offer any substances your dog found interesting between sessions. By the 2nd session, the dog will often choose different supportive substances.

In-person follow up consultations are $100 for approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Virtual follow up consulations are $75.00, plus any additional substances that need to be sent to you.

Contact me to schedule or inquire:

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