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Find It! (Teach Dog to Sniff)


Aug 11, 2023, 6-7:30 pm


1.5 hours

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Find It! Games to teach dog to sniff. Aug 11, 2023 6-7:30 pm

Teaching dogs to sniff opens up many opportunities for helping dogs cope, for teaching them new things, and for enrichment.

Sniffling builds confidence, helps dogs process the world around them so they react less, and releases happy hormones.

Learn how to teach your dog to play basic sniffing games for fun and enrichment.

Appropriate for all ages!

Educational, interactive and fun workshops for you and your dog.

Small groups, spaces limited!

Location: Whispering Waters Center for Animals and People, 1355 N. Pine Run Rd., Boone, NC

45.00 per person with dog (additional adults from same household 15.00 each). 35.00 per person without dog.

1 child (under 18 y.o.) per adult $10.00.

Register at:

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